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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

FCC's net neutrality proposal: a new experiment to Internet.

Internet has become an inseparable part of our life.Everyone need it for one or the other cause.So, its the responsibility of the organisations like IAFCC and others to maintain the trust of its users.

Net Neutrality is not only a concept, but it should be inframed as a well-legalised law.
Discrimination of the data transfer on any basis ultimately kills user's precious time and decrease his reliability on internet.All data should be treated equal by the ISPs and the government.So, FCC has proposed the idea of net neutrality to make it a rule which is in power since last Friday.

This rule is a big effort in the way of increasing the efficiency of internet and providing its users a reliable platform where they would pay right money fir right data.

a la carte television service- new revolution in the world of television.

Hii friends,
My this thread is related to the major transformation in the world of television.Now, television is not only a box of a bundle of channels rather it has changed its way of exposure."a la carte" pay television has provided the tv users a new way of subscribing to only those channels which they want to have not not to pay for a full bundle of channels.

Traditianally, cable providers or satellite providers give the channel services in which either you can choose all channels or none.So, for having some particular channels we were forced to buy the othrrs too and pay for them.But, a la carte pay service enables you to choose your favourite channels and only pay for them-a big relief to the tv lovers.

This feature is on testing and Sony is going to be probably the first one to provide this service with playstation vue.

App ads proving to be new source of income for social networking sites.

Good morning friends,
Today websites have not only remained a way of providing online services to the users but have turned into a new way of earning.The major way for social networking sites is the the app ads.

Facebook has already given the feature of app ads of games, system apps and more others in its news feed.And following its steps, Twitter is now all set to do the same.
Twitter has put app ads for different news accounts on the profile page.The Guardian and the New York Times are the first to be experimented.

Other similar websites are also expected to follow the trend.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Why object-oriented programming languages are named so.

This is a new post to my newly made blog of ProgInfonics.In this post, I am trying to explore the reason of the very name of "object-oriented programming",a revolutionary effort in the field of programming.

Many of you may know that any computer program contains basically two things, data and code.You can take any language which operates on data.
So, language of the pragram can be classified into two categories on this basis:one type of language  is centralised to the code of the program, the other type of language which is centralised to the data or information provided to the program.

So, the first type of language is called process-oriented language while the other type is called data-oriented language or object-oriented language.